The New Year
So it's the new year and my computer lives! After a fight in which the computer could not recieve internet I gained a copy of windows 7 and fixed it. No sooner than I did that, the hardrive died. Best Buy could not fix it under the warrenty, so they sent it out to California where it took another two weeks to fix the problem. Finally, just before Christmas I recieved my newly fixed laptop back and the problems are gone. So just for this occasion either today or tomorrow I will post the next bit of the story. Thank you all for being so patient!
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Computer Kicked the Bucket...
So I highly apoligize for not posting within the past couple of weeks. My computer kicked the bucket and I have not had much access to the internet other than to complete school work. Hopefully with in the next few days I can get windows 7 to wipe the thing clean. Until then I wanted to thank everyone for the comments and I will be posting again soon!
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Keeping the Story Going
Ok so I have been unable to write for a little bit. I injured my sciatic nerve that runs down my leg and have been bed ridden for a few days. In and out of doctors offices and getting all kinds of medications. Its a little insane.

Unfortunately no one has sent me any comments about the first story post and it's pretty hard to keep up with an interactive blog when no one comments. So if anyone has any ideas on how to build a fan base that will interact I would be very appreciative. I will however post another section of the story tomorrow. I look forward to all of your feedback whether it be positive or negative.

Thanks from Your lovely host,
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